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Cointainer.LIfe is my attempt at documenting the insanity that has taken hold of me these last two months.  I’ve taken an opportunity to use the plethora of skills I’ve acquired through the forty years of my life to try and create a sustainable business from crypto mining.  This blog is where I hope to share the ups and downs of the decisions I have made.  I was a crypto doubter for many years and ignored it even though I was made aware of it long ago.  However 2017 has shown us that crypto is a force to be reckoned with and it is not going to go away easily.  Just look at recent events with the brutal sell off in January and now how the markets are currently staging comebacks!

I am very much a DIY type of person.  I am probably the last generation to remember what an Encyclopedia Britannica is, however I am young enough to have been taught the power of the Internet when I entered university.  Anything you care to learn is basically a search query away and there is a huge subset of the human population who like to figure things out (and way too many that are lazy and incompetent).  I have spent countless hours resolving problems in my goal of building a hashing empire and I’m sure I will lose hundreds more.  Follow along with my struggles as I share the ins and outs of a DIY crypto mine.

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