My History

So who am I and how did I acquire the skills that are allowing me to attempt this endeavor?  Well, I’m just a regular guy who’s worn a lot of different hats in his life.  I was a fat, nerdy kid growing up.  For the most part, books and computers were my best friends because they didn’t try to beat me up.  😀  Most of my social problems were more than likely self induced.  You live you learn.  You do dumb stuff and hopefully bounce back a better person.  I have.

I started an IT consulting firm focused on small to medium sized businesses.  I did everything.  I built websites, servers, workstations, performed critical support, deployed infrastructure and cleaned viruses caused by porn; normally for the guys who had their own offices, not the cubicle guys.  Gee I wonder why… poor cleaning crews.  😀  I was good at it but I have a problem with learning and doing the same thing day in and day out.  I get bored.  I had overclocked computers since the time of moving jumpers on motherboards to set dx or dx2 and multipliers.  I’ve done water and peltier cooling.  I was part of the [H] and, back when they were cool and before Joe gave it up.  I folded and searched for aliens with Seti@home.  I had learned so much since my first days as a freshman in college when I first got on the Internet.  You know, back before 56k modems were popular on AOL and MUDs were the ultimate multiplayer online game.  Somewhere along the line in my mid to late 20s, I began to have a passion for modifying cars.  It was 2001 and I had bought my first new car, a Dodge Stratus R/T.  Little did I realize I had really bought a Mitsubishi and what this would do to my life.  Over the course of about 5 years, I went from a clean IT specialist to a grease monkey building race cars and competing at national levels.  It was exhilarating because it was something new to learn.  Eventually this led to me owning my own automotive performance company that I ran out of a leased 5000 sq ft unit in an industrial complex.  That business wore me down.  There is no other way to say it.  It beat me up physically and mentally and never gave me the financial return I felt it should have.  At the end, I just wanted out because the freedoms I had enjoyed running my IT business were absent from what I felt was slavery to my performance business.

I won a lottery of sorts right at the end of my servitude to my performance business.  The property where I resided was taken by eminent domain.  We fought tooth and nail with the state but in the end, I had to find a new place to live and the state gave me a little bit of money.  The amount they gave me really wouldn’t have done much where I lived near the nation’s capital.  It would have been a down payment on a townhouse in not so nice of an area.  Instead I decided to up and relocate after almost 40 years of living in the same area.  I moved everything I owned, including the contents of my shop, 1500 miles away to Texas.  We purchased a nice chunk of raw undeveloped land just on the outskirts of a smaller city in the DFW area where I hoped to build my dreams.

I am now in my second year on my property and I’ve accomplished a lot, but not near as much as I thought I would.  Honestly, I’m WAY behind.  Such is life right? 😀  I’ve run out of liquid capital but have a decent amount of credit and physical assets.  I have a 4400 sq ft steel building sitting on my property that I need to erect but I ran out of money to get the concrete done so I ended up buying a container to have an area to work out of temporarily.  When bitcoin had it’s run up in December and January, I finally did something I should have done long ago.  I started mining.  I want to kick myself in my own ass so hard for only starting now.  I scoffed at digital currencies for years.  It was a fad.  It wouldn’t catch on.  It’s a waste of time.  Oh how I have been proven wrong and been forced to admit it!  I started using the equipment I had, a 1080, 760 and a 7950 and immediately started making money.  Of course, as is my luck, this was right at the highs a week before the massive slide in January.  I quickly did some math and realized that ROI was solid and that I could do this.  I started spending money.

The next thing you know I have multiple servers in my mom’s garage (because Internet on my property at that point was 4G tether w/ a phone), that are both CPU and GPU mining and the decision to start a new way of life was made.  A little over a month ago I made a decision to build my very own “Cointainer”.  This blog is dedicated to documenting my experiences, be they good or bad in what is arguably the biggest gold rush of … ever.  I am now operating entirely out of the cointainer and currently pushing close to 25Kh/s on various algorithms.  Join me in my attempt to build a financially stable future for myself.