Quiet before the storm

I’ve been super busy as of late and haven’t been able to push out updates like I had intended in the beginning.  The last several months have seen my knowledge grow by leaps and bounds but I still feel like I haven’t even hit my teens yet for a measure of comparison.  I am now much more diversified in the hardware I’ve deployed as I’m mining with various different servers, Nvidia and AMD cards and even a few ASICs.  While I’m no expert trader, in the long run, I’m earning more than I’m losing.  I’ve come to find that there is a sort of generality that if you aren’t “too” far from the path, eventually the price will correct itself and you can still come out ahead, it just takes patience.

So it’s not exactly the middle of summer yet but it’s so Fing hawt that my balls stick to the sides of my legs when I’m outside working and I didn’t wear underwear that was tight enough.  Lovely mental picture right? 😀  My workers have been complaining a bit and I’ve had to either run different less power hungry algorithms or I’ve had to seriously dial back the juice they want which means less mojo in the hash department as well.  Because of this, I’ve contemplated a plethora of possible cooling scenarios and I thin I’ve finally settled on what I believe will be the best option for me not only in the short term, but also give me feasible scalability options.  I’m going to attempt to DIY my own immersion rigs.

I feel after all the consideration I’ve given to the need to reduce the ambient air temp, that immersion cooling will be more cost effective in the short term and provide the best long term associated costs with operations.  The commercial options out there will ream you a new asshole if you are a DIY guy like me.  Hell, even if you have a decent farm setup, the costs are still prohibitive.  I’ve decided to build a 22u rack to house a few servers that are powering a combination of a few GPUs I keep along with 4x BCU1525 FPGA’s I’ve preordered from http://fpga.land.  I’m also going to put the three Bitmain Antminer ASIC’s I own in it.  Really, this is more of a proof of concept because long term, if I am able to successfully craft my own product, I no longer have to bury containers if I ever ramp deployment here on my property.  If I can just dump containers and bring power to them, deployment just became much easier on a more grand scale.

The other thought I have, is if I’m able to develop my own “kit”, well, I can always compete for the semi DIY to prefabbed kit customers who don’t want to pay the $50k for one unit from one of the big name companies in immersion cooling.  I heard that number and my asshole puckered.  😀

The last six months have been a world wind of an education.  I’ve spent damn near $30 grand on equipment and I’m no where near close to ROI.  However, I believe that in one manner or another, you pay for your education.  There is no school to learn what we are learning currently and I don’t think anyone is really looking for interns.  I feel I’ve learned some major maxims necessary for survival as a crypto miner.  The first is that while bleeding edge costs a fortune, it’s returns are unbeatable.  The second is that efficiency is the name of the game.  You have to find that happy point and sometimes it simply requires cash to acquire the hardware necessary.  To give you an idea, the four FPGA’s I’ve purchased should perform better than ALL of the 40+ GPUs I owned and consume far less energy, basically they will draw at least 1/8th of the juice and produce at least the same amount of hash and actually cost me less that what I paid for all of the GPUs.

The last and most important lesson I’ve learned is that 99% of the coins out there are simply shit coins.  Mine them and sell them.  They might go up for a bit but eventually they are going to come down.  (I still HODL a small bag, because well shit, you never know right? :D)  But seriously, do you think that most of these coins are still going to be around in a year?  How about three?  Five?  Get yours while you can.  Then dump them.

Ok time to roll.  Mine safe.  😀

2 thoughts on “Quiet before the storm”

  • Hey – I am working on a Generator that can allow miners to mine without having to pay their electricity company. the system runs on water!
    I am developing a setup for commercial use but I think miners would benefit the most.
    Is this a technology you would be interested in?


    • Always interested in ways to generate electricity. Don’t come around here selling snake oil though, alchemy is a failed science! 😉

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